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Enabling Full Participation In Life


enTECH and Spalding University’s Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy have highly qualified assistive technology and therapy providers who can meet diverse needs of consumers.

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Technology Assessment Services

This service involves an individualized process designed to meet specific and unique technology needs of the consumer. The documentation consists of a comprehensive written report with specific recommendations, needed vendor information and specific strategies for implementation. On-site Assessments: $125/hour Off-site Assessments: $125/hour and travel expenses at a rate of $45/hour

Consultation Services

This service involves expert consultation resulting in a one to two page written summary of potential solutions, without specific individualized recommendations or vendor information. Consultation: $125

Service Packages

Ideally suited for organizations, school districts or other entities that may require comprehensive services including education and training of staff within their facility to meet the needs of clients served by the organization. $125/hour and travel expense a rate of $45/hour (if applicable)

Assessment Packages

These services include full client assessment with comprehensive documentation and programmatic training to meet the needs of the client and the organization.
  • Single client assessment with a full written report
  • Up to a 3-hour training session for staff, professionals, family members (or a combination of audiences) focusing on recommendations, use and access, demonstration of material(s), processes and environmental modifications.
  • Up to 2 hours of follow-up visits to assure successful technology implementation
Cost per assessment: $600.00 *Additional travel fees are applied if the location is outside Louisville Metro. *Additional follow-up services may be required and will be billed at the hourly consultation rate.

Lending Library  

We have a wide variety of alternative access devices including switch devices and switch-activated toys that are available for short-term, four (4) week rentals (loan). Families and service coordinators may access assistive technology from our library for a nominal monthly fee.
Items valued up to $100 $10
Items valued between $101 – $250 $25
Items valued between $251 – 500 $35
Items valued between $501 – 1000 $50
Items valued between $1001 – $2500 $75
Items valued between $2500 -$5000 $100
Shipping and insurance charges are added when devices are mailed to consumers. Equipment return by mail to enTECH requires shipping and insurance charges paid by consumers. Loan period is four weeks. Late fees are assessed if the device item is not returned by the due date. Late fees are charged per week at the initial four-week rate.

Renewal Policy

Loans may be renewed by phone, e-mail or mail if the device in use does not have a waiting list of other consumers. If a device has a waiting list, the device must be returned by original due date or late fees will be assessed on a daily basis.

Access to Therapeutic Spaces

Service provided to community practitioners to augment and advance service provision.

Computer lab stations

Fourteen (14) stations are available with various device interchanges. Numerous new and advanced technology alternative access devices are part of this environment. All computers are internet accessible.

Early Learning Center

Kosair for Kids’ Enabling Technologies of Kentuckiana (enTECH) is a division of the Spalding University Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy. It is one of five state-designated assistive technology resource centers in Kentucky. Its mission is to create assistive technology solutions to meet the needs of the times through the enhancement of all people’s participation in everyday life activities. Our Early Learning Center is a space conducive to working with young children in a calm, non-threatening environment. Please contact enTECH for use policies.

Community Service and Promotion of Full Access

These services are conducted by student volunteers with skilled practitioner assistance. To meet the needs of the community in the advancement and access to technology, the following services are offered at no charge. Open (computer) Lab: Wednesdays (Due to Covid-19 Protocol services are not available at this time)   
  • Adults involved in programs: 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
  • Open to community lab: 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m.
Outreach Services: Free of charge

enTECH provides early intervention services for the Kentucky Early Intervention Service, otherwise known as First Steps.

enTECH serves children across the state through acting as a loan library agency. In addition, enTECH is a purchasing agent for the First Steps program. Direct services are provided in the KIPDA and Lincoln Trail districts. Services are provided in the natural setting whenever possible. enTECH’s First Steps services include Primary Service Coordination, Occupational Therapy and Assistive Technology Services. enTECH staff is committed to the rules and regulations regarding meetings, collaboration, and paperwork.

Occupational Therapy and Assistive Technology Services

Young child using a balancing board.
enTECH staff provides technical assistance to service coordinators and providers regarding assistive technology services through the Kentucky Early Intervention Service. If you are a provider with questions please contact us. Any service coordinator interested in borrowing or purchasing assistive technology devices can contact Peter O’Connor 502-992-2448 for assistance.
First Steps requires the following documentation for a loan or purchase of assistive technology:
  • The child’s Individual Family Service Plan, the plan or amendment covering the assistive technology with the signature of the requesting provider.
  • The Assistive Technology Amendment Page: an order form which shows the specific ordering information, size and color of the device (when necessary), the justification for ordering the device and the requesting provider’s signature.
  • The CBIS Summary sheet indicating the correct provider number (877) and the number of requested devices.
  • Indication of the child’s Medicaid eligibility
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